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Ok so your car was towed...
The first rule is:


If we did tow your vehicle, rest assured that our staff are all trained professionals. We know that your vehicle is very valuable and we will transport it carefully and store it securely. We believe in treating your vehicle as if it were our own and pledge to handle it respectfully!

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The second rule is:

Getting your car towed is a real pain and you are likely upset, we get it. But know that we only tow a vehicle when our clients parking rules require it... so don't kill the messenger!


If you can do your best to stay cool and calm with us, everything will be much smoother, easier and quicker. We promise to help get your vehicle back with as little headache as possible. We will also make sure you know why it ended up here in the first place!

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The rest is easy! Here are a few tips to try and make the process of getting your vehicle back as simple as possible:

Call us anytime day or night at (800) 547-5550.


  • Vehicles can be picked up around the clock, though an appointment 1 hour in advance may be necessary.

  • Make sure you have valid ID and proof of ownership. If it's in the car no problem, we will get it when you arrive!

  • Most all of our offices accept credit and debit, but a courtesy fee may apply. Be sure to ask if your form of payment is acceptable before coming in.

  • We have several locations, so make sure you verify exactly which lot your vehicle is stored at!

  • After hours pickups are only by appointment, so please don't be late! Additional fees may apply if you miss a scheduled pickup.

  • And lastly, remember that the person helping you at the window is just a clerk - They do not work for the property, they do not make the rules and probably had nothing to do with towing your car! They are only human and are just there to do their job. Being mean to them only makes things harder for everyone. We always try to treat everyone with respect and genuinely appreciate someone who is able to do the same even when they may be angry or frustrated. 

No time to call? You can also reach us via text!

Have a problem?

If you have a concern that our staff was not able to resolve or if anyone was anything less than respectful and professional when interacting with you, we want to know about it!


Even though the experience of having a car towed itself may not be enjoyable,  we want to make sure your interaction with us was! Please do not hesitate to with your concerns!

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