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Towing of illegally parked, unauthorized, junk or abandoned vehicles. We come on-site and tow away these problem cars at no cost whatsoever to our client in full compliance with FL715.07

Handicap Signs

We can add ADA compliant handicap parking spaces to your parking area. Above grade signage, striping and stenciling can all be done quickly and affordably to keep your parking facility accessible and compliant.

Property Patrol

 Our staff will identify violators and communicate problems to property managers. Would you rather your staff stay busy walking the grounds looking for expired plates and flat tires or keeping your level of occupancy and profitability maximized?


Do you need help designing a parking enforcement program for your property, or simply want to better understand your rights under Florida law? We can provide a no cost consultation to ensure your parking program is proper and compliant.

Lot Striping

We offer full-service striping and stenciling for your parking lot. Quickly and affordably designate No Parking, Visitor Parking, Fire Lane. Reserved Parking and more.

Parking Permits

We carry a wide variety of permanent and temporary parking permits and guest passes in stock. We can also create custom parking permits for your property as needed.

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Do you have parking problems that require our help? Simply call us, or clink the appointment link to schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation to see how CommTow can work for you.

Or for immediate service call us 24/7 at (800) 547 5550

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